Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stylish Mom Diary

It’s hard to believe that I am researching elementary schools for Big D.  Like through many, many, many mother's eyes, he’s still a baby.  I shutter with that image of him leaving for college. But until then, I try and embrace every waking moment, hug him (and lil Tyty of course) tighter, cuddle closer and kiss those lips longer.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Traveling with Little Boys

It’s Spring Break and many of you are traveling afar or staying near to hang out close to home.  For our break, we will be heading off to Hawaii for a family vacation.  I am obviously very happy to get away, escape work, the busy LA life and exist in paradise with my family for a week.  At the same breath, I am terrified to fly and travel along with little ones.  Five hours on a plane with kids can be very daunting!  The biggest fear as any parent is to make a scene - to care for a screaming, inconsolable child.  So my point of view on traveling with a young kid:  all rules go out the window.  Give them every snack, candy and allow every game and TV show to keep them happy.  

Here are my must haves for traveling on a long plane/train/car ride with busy little toddlers and keeping them entertained.  My rule of thumb is to try and introduce a new thing every hour - don’t binge all at once and spread out the fun!

  • ONE  Tickets - my little guys love tickets ripping, trading, and collecting them.  Use as a form of point system for a grand prize for good behavior at the end of the trip!
  • TWO  Bandaids - use as stickers to stick on to everything and not worry about leaving the goo behind
  • THREE  Post Its - similar to the above but allow them to color and draw on it
  • FOUR  Their favorite little toys, and in this instance little matchbox cars or legos.
  • FIVE  Flashcards - easier to read than books (in my case I get motion sickness) so these are large and easy for them to read
  • SIX  Calculator - a better and safer alternative than my iPhone!!
  • SEVEN Necklace Beads - what toddler doesn’t love to play with colorful necklaces
  • EIGHT  Lollipops - best to use for departing and landing so the kids don’t have their ears popping from the altitude pressure
  • NINE markers to color with coloring books or paper
  • TEN iPad equipped with a durable case.  This is an obvious go-to loaded with movies and show.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Snaps: Home Touch Ups

Lately, we have been working on giving our home a little TLC with small scale home improvements.  We re-painted the entire outside of our house and added a little pop of color to the front door. We redesigned picture collages on the wall and reinforced them with earthquake putty after the earthquakes rolled through So-Cal.  I extended the wall paper that's hung in our foyer to cover what used to be a media center (I DIY'ed this one!).  And we most recently added this lucite console table to the foyer.   Next on the agenda is gutting the backyard.  More to come on this task, but we are slowly but surely making this place more 'us'.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Big D's Up To

Batting baseballs

Big D has had quite an active and busy schedule this spring with extra curricular activities beyond school - which means I too have been busy shuttling him from place to place! Between karate, tee ball, and football, these activities have been so exciting as a parent as we watch our little man blossom into his own little person and playing on a team.  Some may criticize for over-whelming a 4 year old with too many things, but in my opinion, I think it is great to expose our toddler to as much as possible.  That way we can learn about his talent, abilities as well as his likes and dislikes. 

Beyond sports, here is what Big D has been up to lately: 
                                                 Helping Mom shop for earthquake supplies

Learning video games

Cutting his long locks

Advancing to yellow belt

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Weekend

Southern California has been rattling and shaking over the past couple of weeks with earthquakes.  Living in California for all my life, I haven’t experienced so many terrifying jolts until now.  And besides me, my little 4 year old has been asking a lot about earthquakes, 'why they happen?' and the unanswerable question of 'when they happen?' .   While I cannot answer or predict when the next earthquake happens,  I have been drilling the little ones in anticipation of “the big one”.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The End of Gwyneth and Chris

For being one of the most private and secluded couples in Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin publicly announced today their separation after 10 years of marriage.  As featured on Gwyneth’s blog and newsletter, GOOP, the couple gave a heartfelt essay on their divorce titled “Conscious Uncoupling”.  (PS. as of now, the site has crashed several times through out today, so good luck with links!) As a hopeless romantic, I truly believed hoped both would defy any change in relationship status and be one to last forever: a Coldplay rockstar and movie actress/lifestyle guru.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pray for MH730

Since being on social media hiatus, I have been well vested and versed in the CNN coverage for missing Malaysia Airline Flight #370.  All we now know is the wreckage has yet to be found, but the fates of the 239 people on board have been sadly determined  as ‘lost’.    I can’t begin to fathom what these families are going through - the gut-wrenching painful loss and the many unanswered questions.  
Who? Why? How?
Until the moment of truth, all we can do is pray for those on the plane, as well as the families and friends that dearly miss them.

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