Monday, September 17, 2012

LA Natural History Museum

For a Mommy and D one on one date, we headed downtown to visit the LA Natural History Museum.  The place was super duper cool!  School was back in session for most kids, so we took advantage of the empty hallways and owned the museum.  There was so much to see there.  We saw the fossils of various dinosaurs...of which the sheer size of them was quite intimidating. I was awe struck, yet D was scared, by the magnitude of the T-Rex and Triceratops (see photos below). We then explored the life size exhibit of wild animals in their habitat, from apes to sea lions to elephants.  I do have to say, this thirty-something year old mom was quite intrigued by the dinosaur exhibit, whilst the three year old toddler enjoyed the animal exhibit.  Perhaps when D gets a little bit older, a little more knowledgeable, he will have a better appreciation for fossils. That, or I am a deep rooted science geek.   

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