Monday, September 10, 2012

Snaps: California Love

As the summer comes to a close, I have indulged in the great outdoors at some of Southern California's finest excursions.  Here are things that made my week:

First, the Bungalow lounge at the Fairmont Miramar -- my new go-to happy hour destination on the Westside.  You will feel like you stepped foot in a Baja, California cabana with the string of Christmas lights hanging from above, the eclectic colors of Mexican blankets, and the mismatched patio furniture that set this outdoor venue.  The best time to arrive is just around happy hour where you can grab a refreshment and catch a beautiful sunset over the Malibu canyon.

A hike at Fryman Canyon.  The soreness aches as I type about the gnarly hike I endured this past weekend.  First rookie mistake...taking my 3 year old son in the jogging stroller. It was not easy pushing 60 pounds up a straight incline (Big D's weight plus a BOB stroller).  However, I enjoyed the challenges this hike had to offer, and it wasn't overly crowded like other local Hollywood Hill hiking trails.

The Pasadena Flea Market.  I was in search of a bar cart, and was successful in my findings!  More to come on my future DIY project - but despite the discomfort of the triple digit heat, I enjoyed my time sifting through antiques and marching through people's pasts.  The Pasadena Flea Market has been on my LA bucket list (you know, things I have to do before I move out of LA). And now that I have experienced it, I know how to be better prepared for the next trip: umbrella, camel pack full of water, and one of those old lady shopping carts to wheel my new treasures around.


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