Monday, October 22, 2012

Beauty Talk - Feeling Blah

Either I am not accepting of the fact that I am aging in my early-thirties, or denying the aftermath of raising two young little boys, but I have been feeling very 'blah' about the appearance of my skin.  The pregnancy glow that I had when I was pregnant with both boys has dimly faded.  Dark circles have permanently resided under my eyes, and any drop of moisture wicks off my face.   What happened here?  I have never had to work so hard to get supple skin until I hit the age of 33.  And since then, I have actively implemented changes to my skincare routine: 1) cleansing my face at night 2) buffing my skin with the Clarisonic Mia 2.  3) testing out new moisturizers.  While I do love my Clarisonic, it's not an option for me to use daily, since sloughing off layers of my face caused major hypersensitivity.

I recently heard fantastic things about Josie Maran Cosmetics -- a line that is 100% organic and argan oil-infused.   Since I was a bit skeptical about rubbing argan oil all over my face (and yes, I still don't know what an argan is), I started with the Shimmer and Glow essentials to get a small sampling of the skin and cosmetic line.  After a few weeks of applying the oil to my face before bed - I began to see some semblance of my younger skin - seeing less dullness and more moisture!  I have to admit...I am a bit obsessed with the entire line. The eyeshadows were the right type of natural I was looking for and the blush stick stays on all day long.

And if the results bode beautiful skin like Josie Maran, it's worth a try, right?  While I am still actively looking for the right dark circle treatment...(and recommendations are welcomed), I have highlighted my new favorite products, and some oldies but goodies:

From top left:  Josie Maran  Illuminizer / Josie Maran Color Stick /  Josie Maran Beautiful Eyes Nudes / Josie Maran Argan Oil  / Laura Mercier Secret Brighter / Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer / Laura Mercier Secret Concealer /  Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick / Bobbi Brown Bone Eye Shadow / Bobbi Brown Mineral Powder

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  1. I, for one, think you look amazing! You have better skin that most 22 year olds.


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