Thursday, October 4, 2012

Legacy of Style

Located at the rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, I had the opportunity to rub elbows with Hollywood’s most sought after celebrity hairstylists at a Post Emmy party.  Hairstylists such as Ken Paves, Diana Schmidtke, and Peter Butler were in attendance for the inaugural “Legacy of Style” party. Hosted by Beauty Changes Lives (and my Father-In-Law who was kind enough to let me crash the party), it was an event to honor and celebrate a program that provides scholarships for those exploring a career in the beauty and wellness industry.  It was also a great way to celebrate those stylists who are rarely recognized and honored for their red carpet looks. 

Ken Paves, Diane Schmidtke, Peter Butler and my FIL

The Hubs, FIL, and Reuben Carranza

Me and Eden Sassoon

Robert Cromeans

Good images via Peter Wintersteller
Poor, grainy images via my iPhone


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