Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ring Bearing Responsibilities

Big D has got some big responsibilities this weekend as second Ring Bearer, or in the Filipino tradition, a Coin Bearer.  On top of looking dapper in a 5 piece tuxedo, (challenge #1 will be dressing him in all pieces with out a fight) his primary duty is to carry a box of coins down an aisle along side his fellow 4 year old cousin who will be carrying the wedding rings.  We have practiced the task of walking down an aisle.  We have replayed the episode of Caillou in Jonas' Wedding.  But it will be a game time decision to see if this kid executes his task with out crying, screaming and running in front of the public eye.  I may have to use an ulterior motive and bribe D with a shiny nice toy at the other end of the aisle.  

Photos via Style Me Pretty   1 / 2

Photos via 1 / 2


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