Sunday, November 11, 2012

Closet Clean Out

I have been on a major fall cleaning kick lately and took upon the mother lode of all house cleaning tasks - organizing my closet.  Step one was the daunting task of purging all of the clothes that have been collecting dust and stashed away deep in my drawers.  Maternity wear from pregnancy number one, old items dated as far back as college, pre-pregnancy jeans that no longer fit the same, and finally - tossing out the last of the Juicy Couture matching velour sweat outfits **gasp! The culmination resulted to nearly 8 trash bags full of clothes.  Once I got more breathing room, I organized by color and folded everything neatly in hopes that I can cut time to create outfits in the morning.  Especially now that I have untangled and hung all my statement jewels (see below).

If you are wondering what the destiny is for those 8 trash bags...I am still undecided.  Some will be donated, many will be divided by the friends and family who have requested them, and few will be sold  online.  I am not fully launching the shop as of yet, but to get a sneak peak of what I have in store, see here.  I am waiting to shoot the apparel next week... so more to come on that.  


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