Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Lovely Lady Bump

Hi there.  Quick intro: I’m pumped to be a guest blogger for PiC to talk about all things mom-to-be.  Pregnant or not, I hope you Pretty readers enjoy my ramblings as I go on this magic preggo ride. I’m a first timer and almost in my third tri, and I’m honored to be collabing with my lovely friend…(who I swear has a doppelganger running around carrying half her load because of everything she’s able to manage).

Anyway, back to me.

Given our assumed collective obsession with fashion, I’d like to kick this series off talking about maternity wear.  All together now:  UGH.  Maternity clothes are so awful on two fronts:  ugly and/ or expensive.  Oh wait, let us not forget the third nasty: a mere 3-6 month shelf life in your closet.  UGHHH.  For these reasons, I vowed early on that I wouldn’t buy maternity clothes until it was absolutely necessary.  Luckily, when I did begin to show, I was able to make do with my existing wardrobe mix of tops, leggings, and maxis.  I guess I should thank the prolonged summer we had in LA, as well as my incessant love of all things oversized and flowy.

Tip time.  When you start getting the baby pooch… you can actually pull out some of the stuff from the back of your closet that you were planning to wear after you lost those last 5 pounds.  Sounds counterintuitive but it isn’t really. Take the floral dress in the pic below for example.  It’s not a maternity dress and no way would I have been confident enough to pull off something bodycon like that in pre-pooch times.  But with the pooch, I’m like, "oh heyyy, I’m wearing this, and what, I’m not fat, I’m pregnant".

You’re welcome.

It was all good and dandy pulling things from my own closet for some time but unfortunately, things lately are starting to kind of feel really tight.  With three months to go and no telling how much bigger I’m going to get, I finally buckled down and combed through what was available out there to come up with a plan.  Because if you’re forced to buy maternity clothes, you really should have a plan.  And so far, this is what has worked for me.

For Tops and Dresses.
Asos - my go-to destination since  the style/ price combo can’t be beat.  Some of my favorite pieces are: 

For oversized knits and sweaters:  JCrew.  Especially Men’s and especially sweaters.  These are items I will add to my ‘normal’ clothes pile, post baby.  Winning.

For leggings: Old Navy.  Swearsies.  They are so comfy and so cheap, it’s, like, a sin.  Like shopping at Old Navy in the first place.  Yes, I went there.

So.  In summary?

First, don’t get caught up in the hype of stocking up on maternity clothes.  Check your own closet first. 

Second, don’t be afraid to get sexy.  It’ll be the one time in your life your muffin top doesn’t really exist. 

Third, A Pea in a Pod is not the only option you have for maternity clothes.  That’s what I thought when I wasn’t pregnant.  But I was wrong.  I’ve done some digging for you (well, for me, but you get to share the benefit of my research) and there’s a whole lot more out there if you’re so inclined to look.  Have fun.

And if you’re not pregnant …I guess, thanks for reading.  Next topic: Shopping for the baby.


Images via Asos

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