Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heavy Heart

Yesterday started off on a light, happy foot.  It was the start of the weekend, the co-workers and I were professing our love for Hugh Grant rom coms, and we were gearing up for the upcoming company holiday party later in the evening.  Until news broke of an unfathomable tragedy that struck a Newtown elementary school.  I can't bear to write the details of the story, but I am sure you know what I am talking about.  Since then, my mood (as I am sure the heavy hearts of many other sympathetic parents out there) has drastically changed.  My initial reaction? shock.  Followed by mixed emotions of sorrow, fear, mourning, and anger.  I wanted to drive the 20 mile commute back home to just hold my babies.  Hug them tight and hold them long and be grateful for their safety.  Tell them how much I love them and shield them from harms way.  It's gut wrenching to imagine those families who will not have their child for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  This weekend, I take time to reflect and love...for my own family, as well as the heart broken families out in Connecticut.   

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