Monday, December 10, 2012


IT’S A GIRL…well that’s what we were originally told was the sex of our first born, until our next ultrasound when the doctor realized that oops, he had guessed wrong!  Big D is a boy. Three and a half years later, two boys have been produced and we are a house full of twig and berries.  And as of last week, with the arrival of my cousin’s second baby boy, we now have a generation of SEVEN grandsons all under the age of four.  I believe we are 4 shy of a soccer team with not a cheerleader in sight.   This is the same family dynamic for many other mothers I know.  All boys.  The girliest girls who are mothers to the boyish of boys and yet they still yearn for that baby girl.  I have to admit, I am one of those moms who wonders, can I be as lucky as Victoria Beckham and finally get my Harper?  No one freak here (this means you Hubs, this is just a topic for blog discussion)

This topic always comes up with many of my mom-of-boys friends "Are you going to try for a third to get that girl?".  Well, I have known many brave enough to play with those odds. Some, who in a failed attempt, end up with the Curly to complete Larry and Moe. My husband’s co-worker, who has two sons, tried to go for that girl, and wound up with twin boys! Eeek!  The other half who are teetering on numero tres have studied up on techniques on increasing their probability for a girl and one has even mentioned going through the costly IVF process and getting her eggs spun. Are we just playing with fire, or should we all just accept the cards we were dealt and be happy that we have our healthy men?

This past weekend, I chatted with a mom of two boys, expecting her third child.  She really wants a girl and has candidly admitted “I am not the mom to BS and say all I want is a healthy baby…screw that, I want that girl”.  She doesn’t know the sex of the baby, and doesn’t plan on finding out for the sake of surprise.  So over the course of the next 9 months, she likes to tell herself she's having a girl…but deep down, she feels it’s another boy.  

So if you were to ask me if I'd have another... my answer is simply I don't know.  Part of me doesn't want to deal with pregnancy and the sleepless newborn stages all over again.  Let alone incur the absurd costs of raising another child in LA.  But on the other hand, I have always dreamed of having that little girl to take to dance class and braid her hair...and perhaps I too can defy the odds and get my very own Harper.

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