Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Glittery Gold Christmas Tree

When it comes to trimming the Christmas tree, I sadly rob everyone of the fun family tradition.  I selfishly prefer to trim it solo, as I am very particular about ornament placing, and besides, none of the men in this house are particularly interested in decorating the tree, since everything is gold, glittery, and PINK! So when the Hubs took the boys out to the park one afternoon, I went after it and decorated the tree in a matter of hours.  

Keep in mind, that photos can never capture the true beauty of a Christmas tree.  I even tried to play around with my camera settings to achieve this photo.  But after 10 minutes of reading my manual and figuring out how to adjust my "IOS setting" I gave up.  So here are golden yellow toned photos of our Christmas tree.  

This gold Bloomingdale's bear ornamanet was one of the first ornaments my mom bought me 10 years ago for my very first Christmas tree, and since then spurred the whole gold theme for our decorations.


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