Saturday, December 22, 2012

What I'm....

The time has finally come.  No work for a week and a half and I'm packing away for some major family time.  Me and the boyz are celebrating the holidays in a Cali-Zona way - half in California and the other half in Arizona.  In the meantime, I will be away from the computer and breaking from blogosphere for a bit.  I plan on being back post Christmas, but you can stalk me here and here for the time being.

To all my PiC readers, thank you so much for visiting me through out this last year.  Your support has made me push through those nights of "I am really not feeling this tonight" as well as those other nights with major writers' block.  To you, a heart felt Merry Christmas.  May every moment of this holiday season give you more than enough love, joy and health.  Muah and xoxo.

Here's what I'll be doing this holiday.....

Shopping for some deep discount sales on ornaments and decorations for next year

Filling up on local spirits in the Central Coast

Playing in the snow.  Introducing Big D and Little Tyty to higher elevation and white snow

Layering myself in chunky cable sweaters

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights. My utmost favorite thing to do during the holiday.  My neighbor hosts this show, so if you are around, come by and see.  

Sitting by the fire and drinking hot cocoa.

Keeping this in mind during the giving and receiving season.

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