Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

The year of 2012 came and went so fast, and in retrospect, I feel pretty content about achieving one of my two 2012 resolutions.  Which in past years, my resolutions are considered a huge fail by mid-February.  Thumbing through old photos and blog posts through the course of these twelve months has made me realize how much I have gained, learned and grown since my first blog post

I nailed multi-tasking.  Between working a full time fashion job by day, and a mom of two, wife to one by night - I managed to squeeze in some time to do things for me such as blog, craft and exercise (well, I could always use more of this).

I got a handle of photoshop to make cool collages such as this.  

I attempted to be more eloquent with my writing by reading more sophisticated publications beyond US Weekly and Yahoo! Omg

I found it daunting getting acquainted with every social media platform out there.  But found comfort in Instagram and Pinterest over Facebook and Twitter.   

And since my 200th post, I have relinquished from any over-achieving tendencies and did not beat myself up if I wasn't posting stuff every day. 

Many became just as obsessed about this Hermes tray, and many moms were understanding when I commiserated about juggling it all. But the most popular PiC posts over the last year were those that were DIY and handmade with love:  mustache party, gift wrap ideas, metallic pumpkins, rainbow party favors and monogrammed stationery.

For those who shared the same compassion for clothes, styling and fashion, these were the most notable outfits in 2012.

And in all attempts to spread the word of this blog to fellow hip mommas out there, I felt honored to be featured in blogs such as Haut Stuf and Elizabeth Street Moms.  And I can't forget the notable encounter with Oscar award winning actress, Octavia Spencer in early February.

As I look ahead to 2013 - I have many goals for le blog.  One of them being a site re-design and stepping it beyond the simple blogger template.  Second, growing readership and spreading the word... so  I'll have to overcome my trepidation with Twitter.  And finally, gaining some consistency.  Finding unique content and maintaing a rhythm that speaks for the mission of PiC.  
Here's to a new year in 2013!


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