Monday, January 7, 2013

Arizona Family Photo Session

It's not often we get to visit the Hubs' hometown in Arizona.  And we are so glad we finally got over our fear of traveling with the boys across the state border to spend time with the in-laws in their beautiful city.  In the midst of our visit, we had the chance to do a mini family photo shoot by Ryan Walsh at the McDowell hiking trails.  You never would have guessed by the photos below, but we faced a few hiccups during our session.  Neither Big D or Lil Tyty had interest in posing for photos.  And we spent most of the time chasing them around,  racing against time for prime light before the sunset.  Luckily, we salvaged a couple of good shots and witnessed a gorgeous sunset.  

Photos courtesy of Ryan M. Walsh and my I phone.


  1. LOVE this new layout. your littles are just too cute.


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