Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big D's First Photo shoot

In the midst of rifling through old photo albums on iPhoto and purging any of the unnecessary jpegs that are slowing my computer's roll, I came across Big D's first photo shoot for his birth announcements.  Oohing and awing over his itsy bits tiny frame, these photos also gave me flashbacks of what it was like to be a brand spanking new parent.  We were overwhelmed with mixed emotions such as joy, anxiety, nerves and sleep-deprivation.  Every cry or wince forced us to jump out of our seats.  We stressed over whether or not we were holding or feeding or changing him correctly.  Uuuuhh the thought of sleep training brings me to a dark, dark place.  But beyond all of the doubts of new parenting, we were overwhelmed with this new form of love.  A love that no one can realize until they become a parent them self.  And what I appreciate most about these photos is it truly captured that new love of being a mom and dad. 

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