Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting My Fitness On

January is nearing it's end, and I haven't been too keen on my New Year's fitness regimen.  With four years of either being pregnant or nursing, this lack of consciousness for diet and exercise has finally caught up to me and it's time to get fit again.  I have acquired this poor habit of snacking on handfuls of peanut M&M's, which I am sure isn't the healthiest  option for a woman in her thirty-somethings.  But this year I have devoted to make more time to care for my body and try to exercise more often.  I strive for 1-2 times a week - a huge leap from couch surfing.   The primary problem isn't wanting to work out - it's finding the time to do it.  

Running is really not my jam, and I don't really get my return on investment with monthly gym memberships.  So I prefer classes.  I don't get the 1:1 militant treatment of a personal trainer, but at least I have an instructor to remind me that I am not there to just sit pretty and nap.  

Pop Phyisque - I was intimidated by the concept of the whole cardio barre experience, but I overcame my fear and loved the results that I was seeing.  I never thought my short and stout legs could look like a dancer's.

Stroller Strides -  a gang of crazy moms and their dual BOB strollers is the perfect motivator to shed that post-partum weight.  Obviously a big plus is that you can bring you baby along for the ride, but what I really enjoyed about this class is that it's like a mom's therapy group between drills.  I learned about sleep training, breast feeding tricks, and diaper rash treatments in between my wind sprints and lunges.

Pilates -  doesn't really stimulate my heart rate but frequent classes strengthens my inner core and shapes my waistline.

Spin - I haven't been to spinning in years, and just started again.  It's unbelievable how much you sweat in a matter of 45 minutes.  Just imagine all the grease and fat sweating off your body!  All the rage nowadays are at Soul Cycle in LA.

Tracy Anderson Method -  she's notorious for sculpting celeb bodies such as Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian.  But her method classes can be quite expensive, so an alternative are the at home work out videos.  Her Post-Pregnancy Workout video was pretty killer for getting my post partum body back into shape.  

My other motivation to peel myself off the couch?  Seeing this recent photo of Jessica Alba vacationing.  Now, last I recall, I had my lil Tyty before she had her little Haven - and my abs don't look nearly as sculpted.  So I am hanging this photo on top of my M&M stash to discourage my late night snacking.   AND on top of that, I need some bright and happy gear to get me in the spirit.  These were my top faves.... 
1.  Zobha yoga capris  // 2. North Face lightweight jacket // 3.  Adidas running cross-training shorts  // 4. Champion sports bra // 5.  Herve Chapelier bag  // 6.  Nike Lunarglide running shoes  // 7. lululemon headbands

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