Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Weekend

Happy first weekend of 2013! The new week thus far has been quite productive.  I took my first spin cycle class in five years and it feels good to be sore.  The Christmas decorations are down and our dry tree that shed a million needles is finally out of our hair (thank God!).  We caught up on a full season of Once Upon A Time and can't wait to find our next binge.  The Hubs and I have finally figured out how to digitally sync our calendars.

The objective for the weekend is to do absolutely nothing.  After all the holiday travels and family commitments over the past weeks, we are catching up on rest and laying low these two days.  Now that we are a week away from the Golden Globes, it's time to watch all the nominated movies.  Have a good weekend.

Photo source via here.


  1. Chris and I LOVE having our calendars in sync! It's so helpful!


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