Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mid Week Snaps

I am thoroughly annoyed and frustrated with my internet connection right now.  It's as if I am functioning off of a dial up modem dated as far back as 1997 and loading a web-browser and navigating through Pinterest is moving at an inordinately slow pace.  So today I am left with my iPhone photos and random snaps throughout the last week.  Wish me better luck tomorrow, or I just may chuck the laptop at the wall.  In the meantime, some mid-week snaps.

thumbed through stacks of unread magazines that have been piling over the last 6 months

attempted an ootd shoot

purchased some kitschy drawer knobs at anthropologie to spruce up Lil Tyty's closet doors

got  new denim for the season. or is it more realistic to say 'new denim for the new season since the old year brought upon additional poundage'?

picked colorful  ripe oranges in the backyard

sold our bed.  now in the market for a new and modern kind. and don't judge all the wires exposed on the ground!


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