Monday, January 28, 2013


I have a serious case of the Mondays.  You know where you have that denial that the weekend is over and you have to use your brain for work? But at the same time, there’s so much going on this week, I want to be a go-getter and write up a focused to-do list and attempt to accomplish them all.

Spend Less, Save More.  The Hubs and I had our 2nd "Monthly Spending Plan Meeting" aka a budget meeting.  But better known as a progress report for me and my horrible shopping habit.  As much as I anticipate "the yellow notebook" that he tabulates all our spending on, these meetings are gut-checks that luxuries need to be sacrificed in order to fund my kids' future education.  
Any tips on fiscal responsibility and cost cutting are welcomed.

Le blog.  I have been reading up on all of the key learnings, new techniques, how to make your blog fab, etc.  from all my fave bloggers who attended Alt Summit this past weekend.  So I guess I shouldn’t feel bad that I didn’t spend money on a ticket and can just mooch off their notes. My key take-aways:

·         get a media kit - define my purpose and ultimate mission for this blog
·         write an editorial calendar - plan out content ahead of time
·         be ME - readers visit PiC to hear & see me, so don't try to be something I am not

To get more detail on Alt Summit, visit here and here - all are great Cliff's note resources.  
Any tips on gaining blog readership are welcomed.

Valentine's Day.  It's Big D's very first Valentine party at school.  Which means my crafty hands need to get busy with creating some DIY classroom valentine cards. I am giddy with joy and have been pin-spired by all the DIY crafts.  You can see what I have bookmarked so far here.  
Any tips on what Valentine treats to give preschoolers that are candy and nut free are welcomed.

Work Out.  Since the New Year, my co-workers and I thought it'd be a good idea to have Friday weigh ins to track our weight loss goals week after week.  Well after 3 dissatisfying - stagnant weigh ins, and body fat tests that deem my status as "poor", it's time to step up my fitness regimen with more cardio.  My work out playlist has been the same one since 2011 - 
so any suggestions on up beat, get off your ass, music would be welcomed.  

Hope you all have a result driven week too!


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