Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nanny Diaries: Issue 2

Since my first nanny diary post, the kiddo outfits haven't been too outrageous or obnoxious.  Until recently, the Hubs spotted this action live and caught the nanny changing lil Tyty in the below outfit.  A teeshirt that was anonymously gifted to us.  He clearly was not proud of this look either.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snaps: Birthday

It was a good birthday...can't complain.  Feel like a lucky girl to have such a great hubs, family and friends.

Now I am off to NYC...follow me along here.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ultra Glam Trunk Show

For work, I hosted a mini trunk show featuring our Spring/Summer '13 dress collection.  Store managers from all over North America were in attendance, and to add that dash of fun, my team and I created a glammed up ambiance for our presentation by hosting a fete with flowers, candles, cupcakes and apple cider.  We also got crafty my making tassel garlands and glittered mason jars.  Party favors? Some knock-off Kanye West shutter shades that we negotiated for cheap in Santee Alley!

Friday, February 22, 2013


My weekend plans often fluctuate.  I either have nothing going on or it's an action packed schedule.  There's never an in between! This will be one of those weekends where there are a hundred things to do and very little time to break in between.
Friday will be the kick off for birthday celebrations.  My girlfriends are taking me out on the town in LA, getting spa treatments here and a yummy dinner here.  

Saturday the Hubs and I are headed to Big Bear with another couple (sans kids!) for a day in the snow.  We haven't ski'd in years - so it will be an adventure of falls, tumbles, and beers to numb the pain and warm the bones.

Sunday I will be headed off to NYC for the Coterie show.  I am so disappointed to miss the Oscar red carpet and award show since I will be on the plane.  Who are you hoping to win for best actor and actress?

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend. And thank you to all for the warm birthday wishes.  I feel so blessed to have you all in my life!


Photo source via here, here, and here

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Birthday

Today is my birthday.

The beginning of a new year.

And I am embracing this upcoming thirty-something year with a fresh and positive perspective.  A far distance to how I was feeling last year.  (sheesh, what was wrong with me?).  This year will be different. I am celebrating it.  I am enjoying it.  And I am going to work it with sheer pride and high confidence.

My expectations for this birthday year aren't any different from my 2013 New Year resolutions.  With a personal addendum here and there.

And here it goes. A year before I hit the mid-thirties. I am going to make it a good one.

"I am not young but I feel young.  The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there.  J'aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing"

-Coco Chanel


Monday, February 18, 2013


Did everyone have a nice long weekend?  I am slowly recuperating and still feel as if I am catching up for lost sleep.  We've been faced with 5:30am rude wake up calls and I am beginning to look like a haggard zombie (accessorized with not so cute dark circles).  Aside from early risings, the week was full of many highs and very little lows.  I watched Big D exchange Valentine cards with his fellow classmates which was a moment that I will forever keep close to my heart.  We encountered a few sniffles and coughs, and gasp! a broken iPhone.  

The work week that lies ahead will be hectic one, so I may be in and out of blogosphere, but you can follow me here in the meantime.  Until then, have a great week!

Valentines for our little Valentines 

One of my first memorabilia of a proud soccer mom

A remedy to soothe a baby cough that I learned here. Goldfish not included, but a nice bonus

A crack on the phone that eventually spidered through out the entire glass.  I was socially crippled for a few days.

What happens when you leave a 19 month old alone with markers

A quick solitary break from the kids... and quality time with the Hubs

A motto that will be engrained in their mind for life

Friday, February 15, 2013

Le Birthday Links

My thirty-something year old birthday is days away and I have put little to no thought into what to do and how to celebrate.  Last year I was on a flight to New York (unfortunately for business, not pleasure) and this year, I have a work dinner until the late hours of the night (again, business over pleasure)....maybe I need to reevaluate my priorities and just find a job that stops interrupting my birthday schedule!  

Anyway, while I leave the party planning to the Hubs. I will be celebrating with girlfriends over some spa treatments and fun dinners.  I have however started a wish list of items for my birthday...

Things  I have been longing for:

This memoir about Grace Coddington AND this book by Kate Spade
A sewing machine for beginners.
Some new stud earrings such as this, this and this
Red suede pumps such as these
Any comfy and cozy Monrow tees from here
Some pretty stationery from Sugar Paper

And perhaps some anti-aging beauty products as I progress through my thirties. Any suggestions??

Photo source via here

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cartas De Amor

I am a hopeless romantic. So my heart was melting with warm emotions when I read the most treasured love letters shared by some of my favorite bloggers on Cartas de Amor.  A movement created by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl, these 18 women intimately share their love letters, romantic gestures, and private moments with loved ones to the world.

I was inspired by this collection.  So much so, I decided to share a snippet of a 'carta de amor' from my very own Hubs.  A Valentine card he gave me over ten years ago.  The irony behind this card is that this was technically not our first Valentine's Day together.  Our very first Valentine occurred a year before this letter was written...before we were boyfriend/girlfriend.  It was during college, platonic besties, and I was heart broken by a guy who dropped me like a hot potato on v-day.  And being the good friend that he was and my shoulder to cry on, the Hubs (and his guy friends) took me out to the driving range as a form of distraction.  I remember crying and laughing a lot - but his company alone was anecdotal for my broken heart.  I'll save the details later on how our relationship evolved from friend to husband to father of my children for a future post.  Until then, a happy day of love to all of you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cocoa & Hearts Inspired Paintings

My hands have been itching for some DIY crafts and I thought I would be creatively adventurous and tap into a medium that I have never tried - painting.  I have been vying for one of Jen Ramos' Cocoa and Hearts paintings for my future office/girl space.  But when I finally found the empty wall space to hang her work, they were sadly all sold out.  So I took a stab in making my own version, and couldn't have been happier with my beginner skills.  It must be in the air, but can't get enough of the color pink.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grammy Favorites

There isn't a whole lot of excitement to report from my weekend.  The wet weather had a chill to it, but I can't really complain considering the North East is experiencing a horrible snow storm.  Nonetheless, I was very productive. I finally endured a Soul Cycle experience and whoa...thank goodness for not passing out or fainting during my million calorie burn.  I am still recovering from the creaks and pains through out my body - but it was well worth the money.  I watched Zero Dark Thirty and was impressed by Jessica Chastain's Golden Globe winning performance.  I did not however like going to bed afterwards and dealing with the sheer paranoia of being tortured and attacked.  I hit up Target to see what was left of the Prabal Gurung designer collection.  And now that I have bored you with all the sordid details of my weekend - what happened to yours? 

In the meantime - my favorite looks from this weekends Grammy Awards red carpet.
All sources via here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Find Me on Ellen

In the 10 plus years of living in LA and a close neighbor to Hollywood, I have yet taken the chance to see a live taping of a tv show...until NOW.  Yesterday my mom and I went to Ellen.  It was amazing.  Ellen was amazing.  Tony, her deejay, was amazing.  My seats were amazing. Her crew was amazing (ahem, cute stage guy Tom who kept me on my feet dancing and screaming at the top of my lungs while sober, you were amazing).  Ewan McGregor, LL Cool J, Sophia Grace & Rosie, and the Lumineers were amazing.  Even Matthew Terry, Calvin Klein model stripping down to his underwear was amazing (you can see my reaction on TV here).  This was definitely one of those "Dear Diary" moments that I will never forget...and must do again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Man Behind It All

We're in the midst of LOVE month and I thought I'd kick off this Thursday with some throw back pics with the Hubs...or better known as the man I will forever love, father of my children and who also mans up behind the scenes of this lil' blog.  He's not often seen front and forward but he does play a pivotal part as the heart and soul of PiC:

He's often positioned behind the camera taking style or action DIY shots. 
He gives me the motivation to "keep on trucking"
He entertains my kids while I am working on my DIY projects on the side
He helps me with some good puns or blog titles with that witty marketing brain of his
He corrects my grammar
He lets me cry it out when I can't juggle it all
He doesn't guilt trip me if I sacrifice our alone time over blogging 

Because of all the reasons above, this blog is still around, and to that, I give you my undying gratitude.  

All pics above were photographed before a time of kids - look how young, bright eyed and alive we look!

Until now...weathered, tired and haggard.

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