Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cartas De Amor

I am a hopeless romantic. So my heart was melting with warm emotions when I read the most treasured love letters shared by some of my favorite bloggers on Cartas de Amor.  A movement created by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl, these 18 women intimately share their love letters, romantic gestures, and private moments with loved ones to the world.

I was inspired by this collection.  So much so, I decided to share a snippet of a 'carta de amor' from my very own Hubs.  A Valentine card he gave me over ten years ago.  The irony behind this card is that this was technically not our first Valentine's Day together.  Our very first Valentine occurred a year before this letter was written...before we were boyfriend/girlfriend.  It was during college, platonic besties, and I was heart broken by a guy who dropped me like a hot potato on v-day.  And being the good friend that he was and my shoulder to cry on, the Hubs (and his guy friends) took me out to the driving range as a form of distraction.  I remember crying and laughing a lot - but his company alone was anecdotal for my broken heart.  I'll save the details later on how our relationship evolved from friend to husband to father of my children for a future post.  Until then, a happy day of love to all of you.


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