Friday, February 15, 2013

Le Birthday Links

My thirty-something year old birthday is days away and I have put little to no thought into what to do and how to celebrate.  Last year I was on a flight to New York (unfortunately for business, not pleasure) and this year, I have a work dinner until the late hours of the night (again, business over pleasure)....maybe I need to reevaluate my priorities and just find a job that stops interrupting my birthday schedule!  

Anyway, while I leave the party planning to the Hubs. I will be celebrating with girlfriends over some spa treatments and fun dinners.  I have however started a wish list of items for my birthday...

Things  I have been longing for:

This memoir about Grace Coddington AND this book by Kate Spade
A sewing machine for beginners.
Some new stud earrings such as this, this and this
Red suede pumps such as these
Any comfy and cozy Monrow tees from here
Some pretty stationery from Sugar Paper

And perhaps some anti-aging beauty products as I progress through my thirties. Any suggestions??

Photo source via here


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