Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snapshots: Brotherhood

This entire week and weekend has been action packed!  And I have compiled rolls of photos to share through out the week (get ready for some crafty photos that I am stoked to share).  We all have been transitioning to major changes with in the house.  The boys are officially roommates and have been adjusting to shared sleep arrangements.  Big D has been awesome about giving up his space to house his lil Bro. And Lil Tyty thinks nap time is a party - a glitch that made me re-think this whole move.  Even though naps together are challenging, we are going to stick with it... for now.  It is quite amazing to watch their budding relationship grow closer and bonds tighten.  

D playing trying on my glasses

Caught red handed stealing from mom's closet

A sneak peek into their bro cave...more to come

Addendum: since typing up this post.  Lil Tyty has been hit with a stomach virus and now WE have a roommate in OUR master bedroom. I am second guessing these new sleeping arrangements...fingers crossed this is not the noro-virus.  


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