Monday, February 18, 2013


Did everyone have a nice long weekend?  I am slowly recuperating and still feel as if I am catching up for lost sleep.  We've been faced with 5:30am rude wake up calls and I am beginning to look like a haggard zombie (accessorized with not so cute dark circles).  Aside from early risings, the week was full of many highs and very little lows.  I watched Big D exchange Valentine cards with his fellow classmates which was a moment that I will forever keep close to my heart.  We encountered a few sniffles and coughs, and gasp! a broken iPhone.  

The work week that lies ahead will be hectic one, so I may be in and out of blogosphere, but you can follow me here in the meantime.  Until then, have a great week!

Valentines for our little Valentines 

One of my first memorabilia of a proud soccer mom

A remedy to soothe a baby cough that I learned here. Goldfish not included, but a nice bonus

A crack on the phone that eventually spidered through out the entire glass.  I was socially crippled for a few days.

What happens when you leave a 19 month old alone with markers

A quick solitary break from the kids... and quality time with the Hubs

A motto that will be engrained in their mind for life


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