Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Snapshots

Was it me, or did this Easter weekend fly by? It was a nice weekend retreat away to the countryside.  The boyz got to freely ride through the neighborhoods in their scooters (something they can't do here since we live on a steep hill), the Hubs and I shopped for cowboy/girl gear and ate authentic Santa Maria style BBQ,  and most important of all, caught up with family and friends (and all the little men running around).  Now we are finally back home in LA recovering from candy hangover and looking forward to the start of a fresh new week.  

Coloring eggs with the Hubs and yes his new cowboy hat (more details to come on that)

Homemade bunny bait

Surprises left on the doorstep

The hunt begins

This face.....

The hunt ends with a few tears shed

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Orange Delight

I am tickled with delight as my long weekend has begun.  It may not be a spring break in Daytona Beach (do you remember the MTV beach houses circa the 90's?), but at least I am taking some extra time to rest, watch some bad TV and maybe squeeze in a pedicure.   We're heading north up to my parents for the Easter weekend. What will you be up to?   

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

Hi ya'all!

I needed a little break to rest and reflect after my duties as juror numero tres.  Who would have thought that I would be so emotionally drained by this case?

And now that the trial is over I can share some of the details of the case.  It was a dispute between a group of tenants (who live in low-income housing in a bad neighborhood of South Central LA) and their landlord.  To make a long story short, the tenants were in the midst of a rent strike, demanding that they pay only half of their rent until the landlord fixes all of the major problems of their dilapidated home.  Problems include roach infestation, broken windows and bad plumbing.  While the landlord claimed that all complaints were addressed and fixed - they demanded full rent payment or eviction.

We essentially were determining whether or not these families would keep their homes or be kicked out into the streets.  And we faced these families every day we were there.

In the end, we unanimously sided with the tenants (or the defendants) due to recent proof of roach and vermin infestation still lurking in their homes.  And as a result the courtroom was relieved, filled with joy and tears from our final verdict.  All 12 of us walked away happy for these families.  Yet, we were still in disbelief that families as large as these were living in such poor living conditions and maintain to fight to stay in this place.  It for sure opened up my eyes and made me very grateful for the life I have been blessed and given.

Here were other key takeaways from my brief stint in court:

  • Jury duty ain't that bad!  Obviously I was really irritated at first to be chosen, but in the end, I met some new and interesting people (in a good way).
  • BASTA is a group that is doing great things for low income families
  • My job appears to be superficial compared to the others I have met this week.  Being in the "real world" beyond the scope of my fashion world, people have careers that make an impact in this world and change people's lives. They are either fighting for rights, curing cancer, or helping the city.  I wish I could give more to help others.
  • I gained a large respect for judges and attorneys.  No way I would have survived law school! My little pea brain could not retain the number of laws out there, more so exploit them in your favor.
  • I stumbled upon the shortest railway in the world, Angels Flight, during my lunch break.  Such a fun little gem in down town LA.

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Monday, March 25, 2013


I have been a ball of nervous energy lately.  Between the Hubs being out of the country, high level changes to my job, and serving for jury duty, my control issues have been getting the best of me.  I mean typically I am a worry wart by nature, but I am reaching high levels of heart palpitations.  I even went to Target today to find stuff to fill the boys Easter baskets and got overwhelmed by the number of candy choices...I had to walk away because it was adding more stress.  Any suggestions to resolve control freak issues?

Big D's Easter rabbit art from school

A crystal necklace with pastel gems from here.

A beautiful site from my lunch break at jury duty - the Disney Music Center

With daylight savings, I can now take the boys to the park before dark.

 swooning over the lamp and the antique typewriter

 Candid snap of the boys hugging for daddy while out of the country


I have got a serious case of the Mondays.  Because of the Hub's unexpected flight delays from Europe, and entertaining the boys solo, it's been a little hectic with very little time for blogging.  Over the weekend, we visited museums, had play dates with friends and some Easter prepping and baking.  Snapshots of all to come later, but until then have a Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Weekend

My week was completely thrown off kilter.  And I am not one to hit the ground running when my schedule is thrown off the slightest bit.  A weakness that I am not ashamed to admit.

The Hubs left for the week to go to Berlin, Germany for business.  I am ok for a day or two on my own, but by day three, when exhaustion kicks in and my patience is short, yields the unhappiest mom. A testament to the Hubs co-parenting.  

Secondly, this week I was selected to be a juror for a ten day civil case.  Like many others, I was irritated to be selected...What a burden to be in court for ten straight days.  Knowing the many important work meetings that I have missed, and the projects that had to be finished, I began to over-stress.  But after my first day in court, I was intrigued by the case presented and the judges and attorneys have been so nice and accommodating.   I have never had experience to the court system (and for that I am grateful) so I took a different perspective and looked at this like a new learning experience both personally and professionally. So for the next ten days, I am unrelated to fashion, but known as good citizen juror number three.

Links to Love:
  • The September Issue - I have been reading Grace Coddington's memoir.  She's known as the Creative Director of Vogue and the silent right hand to Anna Wintour, so I have been so curious about what goes on behind the scenes of the powerful fashion magazine and learning about the "Ice Woman" Anna.
  • This recipe looks worthy of trying.  A good options for an appetizer
  • Aspiring for my next house to look like this.
  • These are the perfect little projects for little kids for Easter.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coveting Leather Leggings

Whether it be real leather, faux, vegan, fitted or tight... leather leggings are the pant staple for this spring.  The look can be worn casually with a tee, chambray shirt or an oversize sweater or dressed up with a blouse.  Pick your poison but it's worth the investment since these looks carry forward though out next fall.  

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

P+P: Red Wagon 1st Birthday Party

I love throwing parties and I'm even more fond of planning them.  Themes, invitations, party favors and decor make me giddy.  And if I could, I would make it my alternative day job.  But because I savor my weekends, and evenings with my family, I thought I could get my fix by launching a PiC blog series called Paper and Parties or (P+P).  I will share parties and themes, decoration ideas, party favors, etc. that catch my eyes and bring them to you on a weekly basis.  

So to kick off the series, I share with you Big D's first birthday party.  The theme was circled around his Radio Flyer wagon - so I created a theme that involved red wagons, sock monkeys, various vintage toys and the colors red and blue.   With the help of Kori Clark from Paper and Pigtails who created the invites, signs and the favor tags - all of the below was handcrafted and done by yours truly.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring has Sprung

With Easter less than two weeks away, I suddenly feel behind on any DIY arts and crafts for the spring holiday.  So I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration to get my creative juices flowing.  Yet I feel  even more of a slacker with all of the fresh and modern ideas out there (siiiiigh one of the love-hate relationship I have with Social Media - seeing all the overachievers who make the time to craft).   

This week I volunteered to make cupcakes for Big D's upcoming Easter party for school. And now I am kicking myself and questioning why I chose the most complicated task of them all. I should've volunteered to just get the water bottles or veggie tray.

Any great ideas or suggestions for cupcake recipes?  In the meantime I have narrowed down my top favorite 2013 crafts for spring for your visual pleasure (for more decorative ideas, you can check out my choices from last year too..some goodies here).

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Sunday, March 17, 2013


There are some things I don't miss about being in school - late night studying, cafeteria food, and the stress over a boy liking me.  However, what I really do miss is breaking for spring and summer and would not mind being off for a week or two to just catch up with time for all my projects...and SLEEP. Big D will be off for Spring Break for a week and a half, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't jealous.  Do you have vacation plans for this spring?

Snaps from the last week....

Glittery eggs for the upcoming Easter Holiday

A $10 jewelry steal that I found at Santee alley.  The very same ones retail here 

A sneak peek of new fall sweaters at LA Market

Oversized tees purchased from Zara

Refinished an old bar cart with gold spray paint

Exhibit at the Natural History Museum

A haircut that was long overdue.  I didn't capture all the screams and tears that occurred 2 hours before

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Weekend

The week seemed to fly since the clock adjustment and it has been so nice to come home from a long day at work with the sun still out and I am able to take the boys out before the sun sets.  One of the nice things about living in Southern California is that it is March and it feels like summer right now.  The weekend ahead is full of LA adventures - we will be heading to the Natural History Museum for some dinosaur fun (wow, nerd alert), Griffith Park for some Train playing, and if the weather maintains, a jaunt to the beach.  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Links to love
  • This recipe looks kid and parent friendly
  • The Gap is having their Friends and Family event - make sure to take advantage of their 30% off site wide savings.
  • I love these kicks for the kids - functional yet fashionable
  • Obsessed with this DIY painting - it encompasses all the elements of my favorite things: bold colors, glitter, and handmade.

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