Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Snapshots

Was it me, or did this Easter weekend fly by? It was a nice weekend retreat away to the countryside.  The boyz got to freely ride through the neighborhoods in their scooters (something they can't do here since we live on a steep hill), the Hubs and I shopped for cowboy/girl gear and ate authentic Santa Maria style BBQ,  and most important of all, caught up with family and friends (and all the little men running around).  Now we are finally back home in LA recovering from candy hangover and looking forward to the start of a fresh new week.  

Coloring eggs with the Hubs and yes his new cowboy hat (more details to come on that)

Homemade bunny bait

Surprises left on the doorstep

The hunt begins

This face.....

The hunt ends with a few tears shed


  1. It sure did. My little girl asked if it was still Easter this morning! ha Great photos! Adorable little boys.


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