Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Weekend

My week was completely thrown off kilter.  And I am not one to hit the ground running when my schedule is thrown off the slightest bit.  A weakness that I am not ashamed to admit.

The Hubs left for the week to go to Berlin, Germany for business.  I am ok for a day or two on my own, but by day three, when exhaustion kicks in and my patience is short, yields the unhappiest mom. A testament to the Hubs co-parenting.  

Secondly, this week I was selected to be a juror for a ten day civil case.  Like many others, I was irritated to be selected...What a burden to be in court for ten straight days.  Knowing the many important work meetings that I have missed, and the projects that had to be finished, I began to over-stress.  But after my first day in court, I was intrigued by the case presented and the judges and attorneys have been so nice and accommodating.   I have never had experience to the court system (and for that I am grateful) so I took a different perspective and looked at this like a new learning experience both personally and professionally. So for the next ten days, I am unrelated to fashion, but known as good citizen juror number three.

Links to Love:
  • The September Issue - I have been reading Grace Coddington's memoir.  She's known as the Creative Director of Vogue and the silent right hand to Anna Wintour, so I have been so curious about what goes on behind the scenes of the powerful fashion magazine and learning about the "Ice Woman" Anna.
  • This recipe looks worthy of trying.  A good options for an appetizer
  • Aspiring for my next house to look like this.
  • These are the perfect little projects for little kids for Easter.

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