Monday, March 25, 2013


I have been a ball of nervous energy lately.  Between the Hubs being out of the country, high level changes to my job, and serving for jury duty, my control issues have been getting the best of me.  I mean typically I am a worry wart by nature, but I am reaching high levels of heart palpitations.  I even went to Target today to find stuff to fill the boys Easter baskets and got overwhelmed by the number of candy choices...I had to walk away because it was adding more stress.  Any suggestions to resolve control freak issues?

Big D's Easter rabbit art from school

A crystal necklace with pastel gems from here.

A beautiful site from my lunch break at jury duty - the Disney Music Center

With daylight savings, I can now take the boys to the park before dark.

 swooning over the lamp and the antique typewriter

 Candid snap of the boys hugging for daddy while out of the country

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