Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring has Sprung

With Easter less than two weeks away, I suddenly feel behind on any DIY arts and crafts for the spring holiday.  So I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration to get my creative juices flowing.  Yet I feel  even more of a slacker with all of the fresh and modern ideas out there (siiiiigh one of the love-hate relationship I have with Social Media - seeing all the overachievers who make the time to craft).   

This week I volunteered to make cupcakes for Big D's upcoming Easter party for school. And now I am kicking myself and questioning why I chose the most complicated task of them all. I should've volunteered to just get the water bottles or veggie tray.

Any great ideas or suggestions for cupcake recipes?  In the meantime I have narrowed down my top favorite 2013 crafts for spring for your visual pleasure (for more decorative ideas, you can check out my choices from last year too..some goodies here).

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