Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY - Classroom Project

As a Room Parent for Big D's preschool, I was recently put in charge of their classroom project to later be auctioned at the upcoming spring event.  Challenge number one was coming up with something creative and not too cheesy, an item that parents would be willing to bid on and enjoy....(I mean, do parents really cherish blankets or coffee mugs with hand prints?)  I was inspired by this photo collage on Pinterest...and thought we could do our own spin off of it.  A photo collage of preschoolers and their "favorite things".  It was really adorable to hear the perspective and priorities of these little 3 year olds - cars, pizza, dolls, etc...I'd love to hear what their favorite things are ten years from now.

Anyhoo...challenge number two was creating a chalk board sign with out the kids smearing the chalk dust while playing around with their signs.  

Challenge number three would be getting the kids to actually hold their sign...

Here's how I did it (with the helping hand of other mommies):

STEP 1: Instead of a chalk board, I used black paper and a cheap wood frame from Michaels'. This also made it very easy to switch out the papers between kiddos so then we weren't stuck erasing and writing between each take.

STEP 2: Soliciting the favorite things from each parent/kid and writing out the items

STEP 3: Hair spraying the chalk as an at-home fixative to prevent smearing...it really works!

STEP 4: snap the kiddos and teachers

and the final RESULT.... a class photo framed


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