Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Go Time

I recently mentioned that the Hubs and I will be heading to Palm Springs for an adults only getaway in about 23 days (to be exact).  Of course, what comes with a desert comes a pool...and what comes with a pool comes swim wear.  Gasp!  So I was a bit disappointed when I tried on my bikini late last night.  Things weren't tucked in their rightful spots.  And the only contour on my belly was protruding out rather than in.  I am not exactly sure what I was expecting to see.  It had been years since I have been active doing sit ups, lifted weights and I don't even recall the last time I went for a run.  I think I still lived in Brentwood, and I was in my twenties.  So it should be no surprise that having two kids would throw my body out of whack.

Nonetheless, it's time to put in a little tender, loving care on my post-maternal body and regain a little confidence in my beach 23 days.  Obviously, time is of the essence, and I don't have a lot of free time to squeeze in daily workouts, so I need some activities that are efficient yet results driven.

I began my fat blasting research on Pinterest and also gathered some good inspo to get me motivated.  I came across Minka Kelly's treadmill work out.  She's a good muse to post up on the fridge, M&M stash, and doughnuts ...she is known for her cover-girl body which is neither anorexic skinny or gym-rat bulky - just fit all around.   So her go-to for cardio blasting exercise is interval training on the the treadmill:

    • 1 minute at 5.0 speed
    • 1 minute at 5.5
    • 1 minute at 6.0
    • 1 minute at 6.5
    • 1 minute at 7.0
  • repeat the above 5 times
I find this manageable, and if I get any semblance of abs like the above. It's all worth the pain. 

Stay posted on project Minka.

As an alternative to treadmill work outs, I scoured through Amazon for some at-home videos and here is what I found:

  • Insanity Workout ($144) the name itself says enough.  10 cd's each offering 45 minutes of insane plyometrics, extreme drills and hard core toning. This has been by far the "trendiest" at home fitness dvd out there.  People I know personally rave about it and have seen results.
  • Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred ($8 on amazon or stream live for $1.99) her tagline claims that "one can lose 20 lbs n 30 days" with the use of 20 minute work outs...hhhhhmm I am skeptical of this one.
  • Tracy Anderson Method  ($8.99)  I tried this at home once or twice after having Big D - but the ab work was far too intense.  But it's worth giving it another shot since many celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie) swear off her sculpting methods.  
The cynic in me was brave enough to take photos last night as my notorious "before" picture.  So if all or any of the above show results, I will share before-after pictures.

Wish me luck for the next 23 days....I'll be trading in my pumps for my Nikes.

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