Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mom Talk: Abs + Corsets

I have been enviously OB-sessing over Jessica Alba's bikini bod. Prior to my mini vacation, I had this particular photo posted everywhere... at home, in the office, on my phone as a gentle reminder to drop that cookie down and do some sit ups.  And when the media begin to poach Jess on how she got this bangin' bod after two kids - her response? She wore corsets day and night in order to squeeze and wittle her body back to pre-preganancy shape  ...So to all the nay sayers out there who mock this tactic or pass judgment - I will be the first to admit that I did it too!  This is not a "celebrity" fad...many, many, many women who give birth wear these corsets - aka binders.  

Right after giving birth to big D, my OB gave me what's called a hospital binder in an effort to deflate and suck my belly back to where it was.  And let me was not a pleasant experience. You wrap this bandage as tight as possible around your mid section to the point where you can't breathe. And you wear it practically 24 hours a day for at least a few weeks to a month.  Keep in mind, on top of this discomfort, you are taking care of a newborn and figuring out how to nurse about insanity!! Now I lasted about 3 weeks before my body broke out into a horrible rash from all the sweat (and stress of a newborn probably!).  So I chose itch free over flat stomach and tossed that binder out the trash. But in those weeks, my belly was pretty close to pre-preggo status - so I can personally say that the tactic does work.

So for those preggo mommas out there - I suggest getting a binder too for your pregnancy.  There are some that are "more fashionable" than the hospital ones such as this or this.
You can even read more about other moms that do it here

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