Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Weekend

I am sloooooooooowwwwwlllly rebounding from my trip high, and gettin' back in the groove to reality.  This scorching hot weather isn't really helping my case either.  This weekend I plan on parking it poolside and hitting the beach to keep cool - perhaps a little crafting here and there for Tyty's birthday party (stay tuned for deets).  In the meantime have a Happy Weekend.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Paris Part II: American Girl in Paris

My first trip to Paris was shy of perfect.  Had Air France delivered my baggage with me - I would have been set to go. I tried very, very, hard to stay positive with this situation.  So within minutes of checking in to my hotel, I took advantage of my airline voucher, and I was off to shop on the Champs Elysees to find clothes to wear the next couple of days.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paris: Part I - Favorite Touristy Sights

Bon jour!!! After a week-long hiatus from my LA reality, social media and blogosphere, I have finally returned back to the US from France! And to be quite honest, if it weren't for having my family in California and having all the means in the world, I would move to Paris in a heartbeat.  I heart this beautiful city. I am now sifting through the millions of pictures taken, while simultaneously recovering from jet-lag, but I am so eager to share my utmost favorite things with you. For the sake of time (and in order to avoid major yawning and boredom), I thought I'd break up the recap of my trip in various installments.  Part I will be the launch of my top touristy sights - the "must-haves" so-to-say of France.  

Eifel Tower - there are no words to describe this monument.  Pictures can't even do them justice.  And the sheer size of it alone is unimaginable and the beauty at night is breathtaking.  I was lucky enough to have a view from my hotel window to see this everyday while in Paris.  I didn't have the opportunity to go up the tower, but note to self for next time, buy tickets and reservations ahead of time to avoid a 3 hour wait.

Pont de l'Archeveche - one of two bridges that are covered by padlocks or "love locks" from a countless number of couples who profess their love for each other.

Cannes - not in Paris, but located in the South of France - the most amazing beaches and tans you'll see in the world.  And the number of yachts in the marina is inspiring enough to work even harder to someday ride on one of them!

Notre Dame Cathedral - another awestruck moment that was very similar to the Eifel Tower.  The sheer size alone is overwhelming.

Plaza Athenee - I couldn't resist doing a mini SATC tour to see where Carrie Bradshaw stayed while vacationing with Aleksander Petrofsky.  This 5-star hotel is probably as fancy as it gets in Paris....the Hubs and I stopped for drinks and payed minimum $25 for a drink (each!) but the architecture, decor, and blooming flowers were all tres-chic.  

Musee Louvre - I am going to fall under the stereotypical tourist and say that this was hands down my favorite museum (Musee d'Orsay was a close second).  Yeah, yeah, it has Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa...but there was so much more to be impressed by.  One, the height of the infamous glass pyramid....Two, the surrounding building palace is HUGE and the ornate facade of the landmark was gorgeous.  Third, the Louvre carries artwork beyond just pairings.... other collections such as Italian and Greek sculptures such as Venus de Milo - rooms full of French royal artifacts, and Egyptian antiquities.  Luckily, the Hubs and I went close to opening to avoid the large crowds and long wait.   

Luxembourg Gardens - not photographed above, but beautiful grounds and gardens located close to the St. Germaine area in the left bank.  A great place to picnic, sip coffee and watch kids and families run around the large fountain.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bon Voyage

The time has finally come, and we are off on our Parisian adventure!  And for once in my life, I am going to be selfish and take a break from everything to concentrate on me (and the Hubs, and Coco Chanel).  It's been a long while since I have had a vacation, so I am taking advantage of every nanosecond, starting now.  I'll be away from blogosphere for the next week so please come back and see me next Wednesday.  Will miss you all in the meantime! Bon Voyage!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Metallic Hints

Now that summer is nearing, my inner princess boho begins to emerge as I bust out all of my fun hair accessories and doodads.  And now that my hair is getting long again, I can get more creative with my locks such as playing with braids, head pieces, and scarves.  

PS. How rad is this denim pencil skirt? 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

To all the Dads in the world....a fist pump and bro hug on your special day.  And to the dads and granddads who are nearest and dearest to me, know that you mean everything to our family... with out you, our every day lives would be less fun and less spoiled.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Weekend

Life somehow managed to block me from blogosphere this week.  I won't bore you with the details, but I am sure glad that the weekend is here and can finally have some breathing space.  I am a horrible, horrible, horrible daughter who is finally scavenging through the internet to find the perfect Father's Day gift (I am so off my game this week). The Paris trip is nearly 4 days away and I am packing away getting organized for the extravaganza.  What are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

School is Out for Summer

He's grown a few inches taller, his hair is a lot longer, and he's a preschool year wiser.  Big D has completed his first full year of preschool, and what a journey it has been.  His vocabulary has exploded and he's getting smarter and smarter every day.  He can ride a trike, zip on a scooter, sing his ABC's, and produce some first class artwork!  But now that school is over, he has got a full week and a half off before he starts summer camp.  You better live it up dude - one week of summer!

First day of Preschool

Last day of preschool

Here are some tidbits from Big D's last day of preschool / kick off to summer party.  As a little favor, I created placemats for each kid with their photos that we used for the school auction.  I couldn't let such cute photos go to waste!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just Trousing

Ever since my days of being an Accountant (I'll save that story for a different day), I have avoided any semblances of 'business casual'..those being trouser pants and over starched poplin shirts.  Since it's been nearly a decade of wearing that uniform, I am slowly coming around to the look of trouser pants...with a a more casual twist.  

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Snaps: Around Here

A peek from Big D's last day of preschool party

Got crafty this weekend making a floral bouquet out of newborn onsies

THE summer must-have-shoe for the boys - Toms

and more Toms

Ending the weekend with prosecco at Gladstone's in Malibu

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Weekend + Links to Love

Paris, Paris, Paris, is all I can think about.  But until then, I have got a lot to accomplish both professionally and personally.  This weekend I am trying to get as much done before another chaotic work week starts (holiday line reviews).  And on a fun note, start my packing lists for Paris.  Lastly, the upcoming season finale of Game of Thrones is tomorrow.  CAN. NOT. WAIT. I am still recovering from the shock of last week's episode.

Links to Love: 

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Gal Pals

It's always good to have a night to let your hair down and hang loose.  A night where you don't take life so seriously, and act like a goof ball and get silly.  Last night was one of those nights.  My dear gal pal, who unfortunately lives farther away than I would like, was in town for a quick overnight visit.  While it may be months passing in between of seeing each other, it's like we never missed a beat when we reunite.  And beyond our husbands being old college friends and roommates, there are many reasons why we get along so well. We practically live parallel lives, on opposite sides of the state:

We are retail buyers.
We have boys.
We are full-time working mothers who are trying to balance it all.
We bust our as$%@ to keep everyone in our lives happy.
We love to drink wine.

And last night was anecdotal to a painful and rough week for both of us.  We got to vent about every stress and trouble in our lives (like free therapy).  We drank some cheap wine.  We laughed hard. We even played some mindless video games. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If These Walls Could Talk

Project home decorate has been a slooooowww work in progress.  But I finally took crucial steps in wallpapering some accent walls and the powder room... and what a difference it has made! Our walls have a touch of chic, a look of glam, and my own home is resembling aesthetics of my own personal taste.  I searched long and hard for the right wallpapers. For the foyer, I wanted a look that was more neutral in color, but had a pattern of modern.  And found those qualities here.  For our guest bathroom, I wanted fun and chic with color - and always loved these papers from Hygge & West.  I am so pleased with how they came out, I want to cover more walls throughout the house!

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Mood Board

 My number ONE resolution for 2013 was to visit the beautiful city of Paris. And with lots of wishing, and positive thoughts thrown out into the universe, it is finally two weeks! The Hubs and I will be jet-setting off to Paris and then heading south to Cannes.  To say that I am giddy with joy is an understatement.  A big dream of mine is coming true and I feel so very lucky and blessed.  And with little time to prepare in between now and our departure date, I have been scrambling to find hotels to stay, places to eat, stores to shop and sights to see.  So far I have mapped out everyone and anyone's recommendations here. Do you have any?  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Snaps

I am in need of a weekend for my weekend!  I maximized every waking moment of my Saturday and Sunday to get personal stuff done.  Some home decorating, gift making, party planning, church going etc. etc. But in between my boring errands, the fam and I snuck away to downtown LA for some family fun-time to see Elmo sing live.  Now, before you point that finger and laugh (because I would be one of those people pre-parenthood), it wasn't all that bad.  1) The boys really got a kick out of it, and I was shocked pleased to see that they could actually sit through a musical play for that long.  Bring on the movies now! 2) I got over my fear of live puppets singing and dancing. was a great weekend and I am sad to see the start of a Monday merely minutes away. Aaak!

A sneak peek of our new wall paper installed this week

One family photo where neither of the kids are looking or seem interested
Class gifts for Big D's teachers

Keeping cool outside and I don't mean it figuratively speaking.

PS. don't you think lil Tyty should be a model with that smile?
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