Friday, June 7, 2013

Gal Pals

It's always good to have a night to let your hair down and hang loose.  A night where you don't take life so seriously, and act like a goof ball and get silly.  Last night was one of those nights.  My dear gal pal, who unfortunately lives farther away than I would like, was in town for a quick overnight visit.  While it may be months passing in between of seeing each other, it's like we never missed a beat when we reunite.  And beyond our husbands being old college friends and roommates, there are many reasons why we get along so well. We practically live parallel lives, on opposite sides of the state:

We are retail buyers.
We have boys.
We are full-time working mothers who are trying to balance it all.
We bust our as$%@ to keep everyone in our lives happy.
We love to drink wine.

And last night was anecdotal to a painful and rough week for both of us.  We got to vent about every stress and trouble in our lives (like free therapy).  We drank some cheap wine.  We laughed hard. We even played some mindless video games. 

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