Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paris: Part I - Favorite Touristy Sights

Bon jour!!! After a week-long hiatus from my LA reality, social media and blogosphere, I have finally returned back to the US from France! And to be quite honest, if it weren't for having my family in California and having all the means in the world, I would move to Paris in a heartbeat.  I heart this beautiful city. I am now sifting through the millions of pictures taken, while simultaneously recovering from jet-lag, but I am so eager to share my utmost favorite things with you. For the sake of time (and in order to avoid major yawning and boredom), I thought I'd break up the recap of my trip in various installments.  Part I will be the launch of my top touristy sights - the "must-haves" so-to-say of France.  

Eifel Tower - there are no words to describe this monument.  Pictures can't even do them justice.  And the sheer size of it alone is unimaginable and the beauty at night is breathtaking.  I was lucky enough to have a view from my hotel window to see this everyday while in Paris.  I didn't have the opportunity to go up the tower, but note to self for next time, buy tickets and reservations ahead of time to avoid a 3 hour wait.

Pont de l'Archeveche - one of two bridges that are covered by padlocks or "love locks" from a countless number of couples who profess their love for each other.

Cannes - not in Paris, but located in the South of France - the most amazing beaches and tans you'll see in the world.  And the number of yachts in the marina is inspiring enough to work even harder to someday ride on one of them!

Notre Dame Cathedral - another awestruck moment that was very similar to the Eifel Tower.  The sheer size alone is overwhelming.

Plaza Athenee - I couldn't resist doing a mini SATC tour to see where Carrie Bradshaw stayed while vacationing with Aleksander Petrofsky.  This 5-star hotel is probably as fancy as it gets in Paris....the Hubs and I stopped for drinks and payed minimum $25 for a drink (each!) but the architecture, decor, and blooming flowers were all tres-chic.  

Musee Louvre - I am going to fall under the stereotypical tourist and say that this was hands down my favorite museum (Musee d'Orsay was a close second).  Yeah, yeah, it has Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa...but there was so much more to be impressed by.  One, the height of the infamous glass pyramid....Two, the surrounding building palace is HUGE and the ornate facade of the landmark was gorgeous.  Third, the Louvre carries artwork beyond just pairings.... other collections such as Italian and Greek sculptures such as Venus de Milo - rooms full of French royal artifacts, and Egyptian antiquities.  Luckily, the Hubs and I went close to opening to avoid the large crowds and long wait.   

Luxembourg Gardens - not photographed above, but beautiful grounds and gardens located close to the St. Germaine area in the left bank.  A great place to picnic, sip coffee and watch kids and families run around the large fountain.


  1. Any chance we'll be getting a post about all the French food you ate :)

    1. Obvee.....moreso what I did NOT eat.

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