Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Lil Tyty

Today you are 2 years older...
You climb every tall piece of furniture
and hang off of every handle.
You love to double fist your food and eat from the ground.
Your smile is rare, but your gut-wrenching laugh is frequent.
You have the temper of a hot-headed latin
and scream louder than a monkey's cry.
You say "poo-poo" instead of purple, and "ba-ba" instead of bottle - but "watching a show now" is enunciated in the clearest form of English.
You hug with every might with your chubby stout body
and give to those when you sense they are down.

To our very precious baby, a heartfelt Happy Birthday.

See Lil Tyty's 1st Birthday party here, and other milestone photos here

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