Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snapshots: FOUR

4th of July Holiday
4 day weekend
4 boys under the age of 4
4 parents

This pretty much sums up the long holiday weekend. The Thursday holiday was a great way to kick off the weekend in Southern California with family.  We camped out by the nearby lake where we swam in warm waters, ate like kings, and baked under the sun.  I'd be lying if I said it were a relaxing holiday, considering we had 4 rambunctious and hyperactive boys all under the age of 4. Between the 4 parents, at least one was chasing after a child in the water or coaxing their current need.

The remainder of the weekend, we hung out, and got caught up on everything that was left pending while on vacation.  I got started with crafts for Tyty's upcoming birthday party (a bittersweet sense of sadness that he is moving on from age 1).  And also tried a new workout such as this.  I am on a new regimen of working out and a new diet changes are ahead of me.  More to come on that!!!


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