Sunday, July 28, 2013

Snapshots: Santa Barbara

I am so blessed to live in Southern California. To be surrounded by so many beautiful visit and see within hours.  Last weekend was Santa Monica, this past weekend was Santa Barbara, and next we will be heading to the mountains to Big Bear.  (Yes, I have been very spoiled this summer).  The intent of our trip was to have a quick weekend getaway to celebrate my Dad's birthday, and Santa Barbara was a good mid point between me and my parents.  The destination is a quick hour and a half drive in the car, yet it seems a far distance from the busy city life of Los Angeles.  It's such a serene beach town with a lifestyle that yields peace and quiet.  We got to visit the zoo and have intimate feedings with the giraffes, we rented 4 wheel bikes and cruised on the boardwalks, but most of all enjoy the beautiful sound of the ocean.     


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