Monday, September 30, 2013

Snapshots: Crafting at Home

The boys recently have become more and more interested in arts & crafts, following in the creative footsteps of mom and getting artsy with supplies around the house.  It has been a nice break from our daily playtime of cars and legos.  Over the weekend we worked on Halloween decorations with foam and pipe cleaners followed up with some home made telescopes made out of paper towel rolls and colorful washi tape (a cheap form of entertainment that lasts for hours).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

P + P: Lego Birthday Party

It was with out said what Big D's upcoming 4th birthday theme would be.  The little guy is obsessed with legos and building 'tall, tall, tall towers'.  Of course I have been procrastinating with the planning, but it looks to be a nice simple theme with vibrant primary colors. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Beachy Waves

One of my utmost -  can't live with out - beauty product is my curling iron. Nope - not my clairisonic, not my moisturizer, and not my mascara.  However all of those are close alternatives.  I am a bit obsessive with my hair.  I was one of those girls at a young age who dreamed and wished for curly hair.  And to my dismay, I have the thickest, straightest hair that has little to no character.  So I am obsessed with curling my hair daily and maintaining some character to my 'do.  (I'll save my horrid 90's perm stories for a separate post)

Since chopping off my hair to a long bob, I have been very limited to certain styles.  It's too short to throw in a bun, and I can only do so many braids.  So my go-to style lately is beachy, messy waves.  Here is a quick and basic tutorial on how to create them, even for the thickest most stubborn straight hair.  

Kids with Swag - Fall

The mornings are dark, the weather is crisp and the leaves are changing color (oh and the kids are sick too)....which leads to one thing - Fall has come!  I am ready to layer up the leather, sweaters, hats and boots.  But not only just for me, but for my kids too.  These littles have got a lot of fall swag and I am inspired by all their looks.  However I doubt my LA bred kids can function with all these accessories.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Weekend + Links to Love

My mind and body is definitely not made for jet-setting.  Traveling to NYC this past week has made me turn to gel and can't seem to function both mentally or physically.  So I am relieved it's the weekend and have time to re-coop and read up on blogs and drool over London fashion week.  It' nearly noon in LA and I am still in my pajamas - haven't done this in years and it kind of feels good! And are you looking forward to this Sunday's Emmy award show? I am hoping for this actress to win and this drama to sweep. Who are you rooting for?

Links to Love:
  • How true is this article about Whole Foods?  Couldn't stop laughing at this one......
  • Pretty up your desktop with new (and free) wallpapers at sugar paper LA
  • DYING to buy these new Hunter boots by Rag and Bone
  • The cool fall weather calls for soup recipes and this on the side.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY: Washi Tape on Electric Cords

I would guess on average about two to three minutes of my day is wasted on looking for my iPhone 5 plug.  It's either mistaken for the Hub's cord, buried in the bottom of a bag, or stashed away in a drawer.  So I decided to bedazzle my cord and spare myself the torture of ransacking the house.  This project was so easy and you can use any colored tape that is lying around the house.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New York, New York

I am off to NYC this week for the Coterie show and I am tickled with excitement.  September is my utmost favorite time to be in NY.  The weather begins to cool, fall windows pop up all over 5th ave, the hype of fashion week has died down, and the boot shopping is at its peak.  I am ready for a mini escape from my LA life as well - to get away from the dreadful heat, my hectic office, and the painful traffic.  I of course will be missing my boys, but I could also use a break from picking up legos and cars everywhere!

NYFW '13 Crop Top Frenzy

Calling all diets - Atkins, Zone, Gluten-Free, Fat-Free! It is time to drop some L-B's and get the abs toned as crop tops have become the latest frenzy during the New York fashion week shows last week.  From the street style snapped in front of the Lincoln Center and on all of the designers' runway shows, waist lines have been exposed everywhere.  So drop that cookie and start doing crunches! 

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School

It was a successful first day of school for Big D.  He seamlessly transitioned to his new teachers and classroom and played with new and old friends.  Another bonus was that he was oh so cooperative for his back to school milestone photo.  Last year's photo shoot was not as easy (see here).  

An even larger bonus is the below photo shoot.  The Hubs decided to partake in some light humor by poking fun at all the recent facebook posts, instagram photos, pinterest inspiration of kids and their first day of school photos.  Gotta love this guy's sense of humor. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last Days of Summer

Sadly, the summer is coming to a close as school starts up again this week.  Big D will be heading off to his 2nd year of preschool amongst a new classroom, new teachers with familiar friends and class mates.  But before he heads back, we enjoyed every last waking moment of the summer and hit the beach.  We explored a new beach town farther north in the town of Oxnard where our neighbors were kind enough to lend us their beach house for the weekend. It was a quaint and quiet low-key beach community where parking was with out boundaries, hardly any crowds, and the beach was cold yet convenient.  Big D found a new love for the sport of smash ball - or in this case beach tennis.  A moment that the Hubs had been dreaming of since the day he was born.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not So Pretty Day

Something pretty shitty happened to me the other night.   It was the start to a happy evening and my long weekend was officially beginning. I thought it would be fun to meet the Hubs and the boys for some post-work fro-yo happy hour...a special treat for the boys and a satisfaction to my sweet tooth cravings.  And what I thought would be a good anecdote to a long and rough day at work made a sour turn for the worse.  In the 15 minutes that I went inside to get dollops of frozen yogurt, share with Lil Tyty, have some laughs, and see photos of the boys taken earlier at Travel town, the window to my car got bashed in and my iPhone was stolen.  Ugh.  Such a violating and disappointing moment.  That a jerk who had watched me embrace my kids at the car, give them their hello kisses, and carry them inside would ruin a sweet and innocent family affair by taking my phone and breaking into my car. So to that idiotic criminal who prowls around at family establishments....I hope karma strikes you hard.

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