Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to Pre-School Must Haves (for Boys)

Based on reading all channels of social media and looking at photos of kids holding their 'first day of school signs' (and also the heightened LA traffic) it seems that every child has begun school as of today.  With the exception of mine who starts next week.  So I may be a little late in the game detailing my back to school must-haves for toddler boys.

Mabels Labels - colorful labels to personalize every item that belongs to your child.  Backpacks, under garments, shoes, etc.

Joe's Jeans Brixton Jeans - theses are the Hubs go-to jeans so I thought I'd splurge for a father-son moment and get Big D a twinsie pair. 

Hanna Anderson back pack - petite and small to harbor his school artwork and drawings

Zara Graphic tee - I am not one to choose Sesame Street characters or Thomas the Train tees, but these tees are more of hip and modern flavor for the play yard.

Toms graphic shoes - a favorite that is so easy and versatile

Gap Puffer vest -  since it is warm 8 months out of the year where we live, this is the perfect jacket to layer on top of tees.

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