Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Beachy Waves

One of my utmost -  can't live with out - beauty product is my curling iron. Nope - not my clairisonic, not my moisturizer, and not my mascara.  However all of those are close alternatives.  I am a bit obsessive with my hair.  I was one of those girls at a young age who dreamed and wished for curly hair.  And to my dismay, I have the thickest, straightest hair that has little to no character.  So I am obsessed with curling my hair daily and maintaining some character to my 'do.  (I'll save my horrid 90's perm stories for a separate post)

Since chopping off my hair to a long bob, I have been very limited to certain styles.  It's too short to throw in a bun, and I can only do so many braids.  So my go-to style lately is beachy, messy waves.  Here is a quick and basic tutorial on how to create them, even for the thickest most stubborn straight hair.  


  1. Love this! Really pretty! I love seeing how other girls do their hair! Mine drives me nuts lol...Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Brook - my hair drives me nuts all.the time. The pains of being a woman!!


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