Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not So Pretty Day

Something pretty shitty happened to me the other night.   It was the start to a happy evening and my long weekend was officially beginning. I thought it would be fun to meet the Hubs and the boys for some post-work fro-yo happy hour...a special treat for the boys and a satisfaction to my sweet tooth cravings.  And what I thought would be a good anecdote to a long and rough day at work made a sour turn for the worse.  In the 15 minutes that I went inside to get dollops of frozen yogurt, share with Lil Tyty, have some laughs, and see photos of the boys taken earlier at Travel town, the window to my car got bashed in and my iPhone was stolen.  Ugh.  Such a violating and disappointing moment.  That a jerk who had watched me embrace my kids at the car, give them their hello kisses, and carry them inside would ruin a sweet and innocent family affair by taking my phone and breaking into my car. So to that idiotic criminal who prowls around at family establishments....I hope karma strikes you hard.

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